Kaplanlar Cooling, founded in 1978 and showing activity in the cooling industry, is currently pursuing its path with full determination towards its objective of becoming a leading company of the sector in the domestic and international arena.

Alongside its innovative and open-to-improvement understanding that it has been applying to the sector for over 30 years together with the development of technology, Kaplanlar Cooling has acted with a priority of “customer satisfaction” in line with the market requirements, and shows effort to bring together the newest technologies to its customers in the frame of perfectionism. Kaplanlar Cooling, which has preserved its characteristic as the sector’s leading company during the marketing venture initiated worldwide, no doubt owes this to the relationship that is carried out with the feeling of trust, affection and solidarity with its customers that it views as family. Kaplanlar Cooling produces professional solutions in line with customer requirements and expectations with its experienced and dynamic colleagues who own a high level of work ethics, and also shows its difference within the market with its wide range of products. With its long life shelving technology that customers can store food products safely with no concern, and with its high quality yet also low cost systems, Kaplanlar Cooling presents effective solutions for the retail sector. Kaplanlar Cooling’s aim of sustainable success, lasting sense of trust and wide customer portfolio along with the aim of becoming a leading establishment in the domestic and global sector is continued with the same excitement and devotion as the first day. Kaplanlar Cooling has an understanding of service suitable to European standards, a trustable service network and quality certificates suitable to all standards, and they carry out the production of cooling technologies of the future at an advanced production centre in Bursa with a production army of over 300 people.