Monitoring Systems - Technical Services

REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEMS Our Remote Monitoring System and Centre who work with a professional service team formed from personnel that are each specialists in their field and have received all the necessary training, will detect any cooling problems that may appear with the help of an early-warning system in the shortest possible time – even before our customers notice – and will carry out all necessary warnings and actions. Potential product losses of our customers are thus prevented. Our Monitoring Centre has the ability and capacity to give service to all cooling facilities and possesses advanced alarm and reporting features. The system is able to detect the area of the spot-formed problem and transfers all of the temperature and defrost values, the low and high pressure values to our centre instantly.

Primary Features:
• The quantity of monitored points is optional. It can be increased or altered.
• Data transfer is carried out over a PLC controlled Ethernet.
• All of the temperature and pressure values are measured and managed.
• All of the temperature and pressure values are recorded and reported in real-time.
• No additional load is brought to existing cooling control systems; the present sensor substructure is used.
• The controller and monitoring equipments can be held at separate centers.
• Energy saving is provided due to continuous monitoring and tracking.
• Can be installed in all cooling facilities.
• Compatibility with all used communication methods.

• Reduces the maintenance expenses of you establishment.
• Provides the application of preventative measures without the formation of malfunctions.
• Provides quick service in the case of a malfunction.
• Provides energy and time conservation.
• Prevents the formation of product loss.
• Logs past data and reports them.
• Monitors all temperature and pressure changes and alarm situations 24/7 and reports them.
• With the advantage of being established on a PLC infrastructure, its monitoring range possesses a flexible structure.
• Prevents your establishment from stepping out of HACCP requirements.